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Bprojekt web page by
  • Date
  • April 27, 2020

BPROJEKT web page

BPROJEKT web page is online. Mr. Josip Bubalo asked me to do another simple webpage for his services in interior design and construction work brand named BPROJEKT. I made him a simple HTML/PHP web page for his business. You can see the site here:

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  • Date
  • April 1, 2020

RICIKLETA bike-sharing system is in use

These days the RICIKLETA system was put to use.

My job was to set all the graphic elements to bikes, stands, stickers and make a webpage for an entire system implementing the renting system from UTE and go2bike company. It is a simple HTML/PHP website which you can visit here RICIKLETA.

The assignment was part of the UTE and go2bike company project of setting Bike-sharing systems to cities, municipalities like we did many times before for other clients. You can visit their site here: go2bike

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  • Date
  • February 22, 2020

Villa Campi has a new web page

Villa Campi has a new web page. The owners of this beautiful house in Vareški, Marčana county, Istria Region, asked me to make them a simple web page for a ashowcase. So here it is, a simple HTML/PHP web site available in English and German language you can visit here:

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